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· Hip Hop,Independent Artist,Motivational

  So many things going on for us within the realms of Makin' Movez LLC, IamSozeMusic, and Makin' Movez OUTSIDEthaBOX...

One thing is for certain, WE ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE!


I'm FREE 'in Soulz

Alwayz fighting for those who

TRULY aspire to be tha Change!

D'ware Photography

Stay tuned as we're always releasing new music and private events for our fans to enjoy.

Raymond D'ware

"Inspirational Agony"

Soze (So-Say)

"For3v3r Alliance"

Our new website(s) are finally fixed and up & running!

< Click Link & Take a Tour >

EVERYTHING we have going on from Music, to Business, to Justice and Youth Justice Reform initiatives that are on OUTSIDEthaBOX(dot)org site.

D'ware Universe'City

Makin' Movez LLC

(Design and Website Built by D'ware Photography

Makin' Movez (IamSozeMusic)

Our Music Press Kit has been updated and Published for the Public and Venues now....

Join Makin' Movez Mailing List and Enjoy some Free Downloads....

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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. - Leonardo da Vinci

Raymond D'ware's

most recent trak is...

State of Mind

Click on Photo for Song

D'ware Photography

"State of Mind"

Beat Produced By Nate Rhoads

Soze's (So-Say)

Most recent Song is...

Say wat tha fuk i want

Click on Photo for Song

D'ware Photography

I'm just getting started in helping bring attention around the country to those hungry, passionate, and aspiring individuals

For now that will do it, appreciate you reading this far.

To our "Loyalty ova Royalty" supporters from day one, our number 1 fuel to our Fire & Passion!

Much Love and Respect to ALL our Fans and Supporters that have been rocking with us since the beginning of the 2k!!!!!!”



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