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People are Dying the Death of

a Thousand Cuts

Best of GaryVee

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"This last year was the worst year for the biggest artist in the world....because the machine can't help Katy Perry as much anymore...because people are dying the death of a thousand cuts...because Tiara Wax is going to get her listens, because Achilles is gonna get listens, because Lil Xan is going to get listens...because Gunna is gonna get listens...its just scale of alternatives...this isn't about an alternative college station running wax...this is Soundcloud and Spotify are BIG and SCALE. Like MTV 84 scale and that changes everything the taste makers an the gatekeepers are losing leverage...
Michael Jackson couldn't get plays on MTV until CBS really threatened to pull everyone off of MTV.
Michael Jackson...
Its better than ever in life than ever now, not because we are better as people but because the internet is decentralizing the world...
All this Crypto-currency Bitcoin stuff...everyone is in a craze their not being thoughtful. Its not about Bitcoin its about block chain, and what that technology means. Which it means , you can sell a home one quick transactions on the block chain, its trusted , its good and its done , none of the banks and all these people get their hands in our business.
This about alternatives, here's the truth the internet in America rite now has given everybody a shot. Soundcloud is better than someone sitting at the top of a record company. YouTube is better.
Going on YouTube and Instagram and not having a casting director or an agent in Hollywood decide if you're funny...King Bach didn't need to go to Hollywood to get signed...He just made vine videos. People just don’t understand.
The advantage of what most people don’t understand is, adversity, the negative is the advantage. People fear losing, and when you're losing from the get, when you start off losing, you don’t fear losing, you just convince yourself the game is rigged and start dwelling.
This is the best time because While everyone dwelling about politics , dwelling about Facebook is giving fake news Russians hacking, everyone is on defense leaving more for those who live on offense.
You either complain or you don’ either have perspectives or you don’t...and more importantly these are truths. Everybody's got strength's and weakness's. Who would have ever thought that hip hop would become the core pillar of popular culture in america twenty, thirty, forty years ago, when it was just a seed of this little thing....That became an advantage for people that grew up in the game and know how to swag it out in today's society.
Its so much bigger than people realize. If you don’t have sense of the streets you're not going to be relevant period over the next twenty thirty years, because that’s what the internet has. Its scale of the micro becomes the macro.
The amount of back channel chatter when the GaryVee K-Swiss collab sneakers dropped, and its right, a forty two year old white business man, coming from the wine world working for my father a family liquor store...even though i had done well, it wasn't in that world, so all the sneaker execs, all kids in the streets, or all the people were chattering, its fuel to the fire.
Its a certain chemical. I love it. Somebody is going to leave a one star review on the book today, and its going to irk me, it doesn’t break me, its like dam I’m not coming through...
They're not hurting me, I feel like i let somebody down...When somebody quits Vaynermedia I'm like dam I let them down...I feel like it's on me...
If you're pushing positivity you're vulnerable, because people are always cynical because they're protecting themselves and I get it...When people shit on me...'Snake oil salesman, charlatan, things like that, I get it....they were on YouTube they caught this one 1 minute clip, who am I to for them to spend three hours in digging through my background and figure out who I actually am so I'm just empathetic I understand.
If they popped in for a minute in the right moment, i can get real peacocky, and real cocky, and real confident and real ego'd out, and if that's the one minute they popped up in the car then they're like fuck that guy...."
-Gary Vaynerchuk
Hot 97 Interview — #CrushingIt
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