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Written By; Raymond D'ware Gauntt

· recidivism,Justice Reform,Juvenile Justice

Become a Part of the Change!


Ignorance can no longer

be an excuse!

What are you doing to help?

To say that I would have ever imagined that I'd be so focused and active with Youth Justice Reform and Recidivism rates as a day job at any notion of the thought, let alone now at the young age of 32, would have been unfathomable.

Has been over eight years since I nervously walked out of those gates from hell and thrown into yet another form of a prison...

The so called (Free World) as a 5-time felon, just 24 years young...

Everyone would have thought I would have continued to chase those inevitable statistics within those gates, having it be a door frame to my existence.

At times I truly believed it myself....I'm blessed to be capable of saying, I am not!

I refuse to backtrack!

Independent Artist - D'ware

Photography - D'ware Photography

Now, here I sit in my home, which is located down in Florida. I'm working at my desk on a Wednesday morning, middle of the work week, typing away on my ThinkPad as a duty of "passion" , which just so happens to be my full time work.

I have become a Full time Youth Activist, fighting for proper Justice Reform and more efficient Program opportunities.

With all that is going on in the world, statistics have proven over the last twenty years the current state of reform is done the complete opposite of what it was intended on serving, putting a HUGE strain within the communities that once supported such asinine laws and legislature.

It has come to rip apart our Justice system and Individuals that hold the will power... whether in a police uniform, or a suit standing in front of Senate.

There has to be a change, PERIOD.

Insane Numbers are everywhere in every state.....

The picture below are stats from the year that I was released.

Just to give an insight on the extremely low percentages of Success rate that I actually faced, and was blessed to have overcome.

Unfortunately, so many others before and after me will succumb to those very statistics, which are even worse as of today.

This Journey will outlast us for generations to come just

as it has and was a struggle up until this point.

Which is very unfortunate, but now people and the "Justice System" are paying attention to statistics.

Laws are changing in our favor but our youth and poverty stricken communities are getting thrown through loop holes, and in some unfortunate circumstances are even being killed.

Only to have it happening by way of their so called "community protectors & leaders" who have sworn under oath to protect and serve (things we've seen people be punished for within the court system) be the culprit, and are walking away scot free.


Reform and proper education are on the forefront of really being a receptive factor in helping reduce recidivism.

Endless budgets and resources have been wasted for decades focused on the wrong things.

Things that were so desperately needed, were looked over and laughed upon, while we've been forced to watch our Government(s) pour billions into making it almost inevitable for overcrowding...

Creating major Mental Health issues in prisons.

We are treating solitary confinement as a way of "Miniscule Discipline" , right along with programs that have only helped individuals solidify equal or more of a budgets for private and government sectors.

In return, we're sent right back through those doors. Some cases, unfortunately result in Death, as ALOT of cases have ended in Suicide.

We are seeking all positive, and genuine intentions of working with us for the purpose of creating better Reform opportunities.

Any reach out will be greatly appreciated. All insights and gestures are welcomed as we extend our branch and commitment to a better change here at ;

Makin' Movez OUTSIDEthaBOX

(Makin' Movez LLC)

Whether it is by way of volunteering, donations, research study Ggoups intel, our time, efforts and endeavor's will not go unnoticed as we are partnering with already existing initiatives and groups alike to bring a broader awareness throughout the whole nation not just in Florida.

"Instead of being a competitor, we are here to Network efficiently and effectively."

Every penny raised within our Makin'Movez OUTSIDEthaBOX initiative will go towards establishing our Mission's onto the forefront's of our most desolate communities in need of resources.

From education opportunities, , to proper networking abilities, pre & post release preparations, right down to efficient employment and career Union opportunities.

We will have unique program(s) for Mental Health treatments, educational growth, a new "Skared Str8" program working with local medical examiner offices and Independently owned funeral homes, as well as local and state law enforcement agencies.

Every intention will be stricken into action with the intent of effectively being a part in the "New Era" of Anti-Recidivism game changing approaches.

Many "In-House" educational programs and post-release, and after-care style programs are also in the blueprint stages as we continue to strengthen our networking platform...

Our Board will consist of continual growth and support from numerous National Reform experts and Specialists alike.

All sharing the same passion and desire within helping our troubled youth and young adults returning into society.

D'ware Photography

Adjusting to the major evolution of the "Free World" that continues to happen, year after year, was one of the hardest things I have personally ever done and there should be a better bridge and platform offered for people coming home.

"I am just a very very small fraction of successfully staying committed and NEVER RETURNING to a Prison."

The youth and our families for many generations to come are where the REAL results will start to show with an astronomical effect.

They deserve to all have the capabilities for a positive stepping stone into a positive adulthood.

Lets keep it from being ruined before their "chances"

are even a notion of existence....

Thank you for reading and we look forward to helping you

understand how you can become a part of the change!

-Raymond D'ware & Kim Norman-


Makin' Movez LLC

Florida, U.S.A.

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