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Raymond D'ware

· Poetry,Spoken Word,Redemption,self awareness,Hip Hop

top profitz comin from us

understanding all this ancient knowledge

it is so much harda

just ta go an prosper on an honest dolla , rite

well regardless

ya gotta really want it

this music shit is fluent

speak tha truest

neva lose it

rule your intuitions

always seek out wisdom

seperate tha fools

from the proof


you can change tha ways of your day

by simply

changin all the thoughts in your brain

it's easy

trust, I know

ive been thru it.

started changin up the way that I be thinkin

on the things that I be seein


hit the gym

release a lil stress

rollin up that loud by tha dek

52 bluntz to tha head in a day

im relaxed

it sounds like a lot

but its kept me from the ledge

keepz me pushin pas the bullshit, yah

raised up in a cut throat world

hella killinz

ova shoez or pursez

buildin up their moralz

ova jewelz and pearlz

losin hurtz

gotta prove ya worth

if youve neva lost

then how tha hell u even gonna kno

wat losinz worth

lifes ruthless

prove your word

only thing we got

loyaltys 1st

vizionz so upscale

all this normalcy hurtz

sik of all tha bullshit

all i eva seem ta do

is put in all this fukkin work

nobody eva grateful, Dam

nobody here ta turn too

that shit really hurt

even onez who understan meh

cannot seem ta take away tha pain

so lost

reality is deep


im breathin underneath tha surface

when they think that i am weak

i gotta keep these wheels in motion

my hustles are unique

neva stayin stagnant

eliminatin everyone who stallin

resolving all my problemz

we alwayz gainin assetz

neva givin up

its tha world we come from

tha bury

i done pushed everyone away

faded from my glory

all those storiez

now im living an im dreamin

on these linens of that luxury

these shoulderz overflowin wit that loneliness

dam, itll never go away

nah, whisperz of tha nite

starrin past tha shadowz of tha darkness

conscious neva lettin me rest

ima passionate artist,

my thoughts be tha darkest

thats wat makes it so much harda

im sweating tearz of tha devil

all those lonely years in tha cellar

made me who i am

it's made me persevere

i came a long way from tha bak roadz livin out angola

to tha palmz of an island

started up my business down in florida

now im stallin

spendin late nite dark thoughts

skeemin like im evil

feelin like a regal

im contiplating capahz as a way ta get my cake up

several situations that done came up on tha radar

but i keep my reputation

see im holdin all those face cards

if ya stak them chips on me

then I'm flippin all them aces up

cannot fuk wit me

i dont care of the scenerio

i have lived an breathed anything that i am speaking of

ive never claimed to be a g or anything numerical

invictus lenz im seeing thru the different spectacles...

blessings learned...

all this knowledge that i earned

it proves that everything is possible

im daydreamin

daydreamin so much they think that i am skeemin

twisted intuitions

from meh livin extra gifted

demonz keep meh pushin past the bullshit

but im losin it

i know that i can do it

i kno i gotta sacrifice in order ta get thru it

if you love it then you live it

what's the point of ridicule

honor ova problems

aint no money no political can hault accomplishments

regardless of acknowledgement

leave em in astonishment

profit ova politics


then ya go n call it quits, yah

when you can predict the future there is no more need for it;


we profit more than concerts

cuz our fans are where it starts at

we'll neva lose that moral

we no different than the next man

just built it wit a betta plan

no stranga to tha struggle

we hustle

we hustle

we hustle hard and get it

focused on tha brighter picture

neva setting limitz foe tha thingz that we envision

encrypted the entire system

bak home on appeal

prison hallz ta olive garden

shout out big Steve

tour de Italy and my 3 course meal

smashed it

was off to the racez

fuk a felony

aint no stoppin me face it

i try ta stay humble

try ta stay patient

ill never call it quits

bleedin out every single ounce of my soul for this shit


invictus we winning....

@Raymond D'ware

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