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    "My Story..."




    By Raymond D'ware Gauntt


    I am an Artist, and Innovator.



    "It took me almost 15 yearz too finally be comfortable in saying "I'm a Creator."


    Having spent a little over 5 years of my life incarcerated as a young adult , then winning my appeal, having a 10 year Conviction Vacated, it left me strictly driven by anything pertaining to the processes and platforms that are made readily available for convicted felons and or juvenile programs. I am an Anti-Recidivism enthusiast and it is the main fuel to the birth for our OUTSIDEthaBOX


    I am an Artist at heart, but born Entrepreneurial Enthusiast!

    Motivation is the number one energy that protrudes through my pores on a daily basis.


    I live, breathe, eat, sleep learning the "In’s and Out’s" of what will solidify a higher chance of survival for our youth.



    I come from a decent childhood, started messing up when I was jus a youngin and thought I actually knew something.....

    I did sit with the privilege of having both of my parents around although it didn't really resonate with me until my later years. Began to really understand how much of a difference that notion alone probably helped mold certain character traits that are still with me to this day...

    Although Music is my number one passion, writing and creating something from a Vision I see within my head is really what I have truly aspired to do. Everything I know about a camera and videography, directing, screenplays, scriptwriting, and Photography I have had to figure out on my own....


    Learning the actual Music Business was tha true inspiration, but I think any Visionary probably shares that same mentality. Many people fail at their path from lack of knowledge and understanding when it comes to the depths of the industry and because I will be a part of the whole process in a major way, I am seeking any and all the knowledge within the Music business that I can.


    Film Production will be my next endeavor.






    I live by the Laws of Attraction and Laws of Synchronicity method....Karma can be a positive energy.

    Took me a long time to figure that out.



    Salute to all the

    "Empire Mind Framez"

    of tha World!



    Check out a little more about where I am headed with a slight taste through our blog, current projects, and the progress within the rest of our site we have going on through the Navigation Bar. (Left hand side)


    Step into my world...My viewz...My Path...

    As we make history through unlimited platformz



    Makin' Movez OUTSIDEthaBOX
    D'ware Universe'City
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    D'ware Photography


    "...all that ish you dealin'

    wit rite now ,

    is tha fuel to ya future...

    embrace it...

    before it's too late..."






    State of Mind"








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