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    Launching this platform is our overall goal over the next 5 years.



    Our Passion is to be capable of making a change in wayz never before captivated! The number one priority, and focus at the current moment which leaves us extremely motivated.


    Having spent a little over 5 years of my life incarcerated as a young adult, wasting time is far from being on my agenda.


    Towards the end of 2007 I was blessed with the news that I had won my appeal, leaving a 10 year conviction that I was currently serving; Vacated. After a series of transfers, new court procedures, and "re-classification" it was not until August 20, 2008 that I was actually released.


    At 24 years old, I was completely IGNORANT to the world and the responsibilities that lie within society.


    Over eight rigorous years later I am successfully striving forward towards making that transition easier for the ones that make those unfortunate decisions as youth or young adults and have to pay their dues to society in the future for generations to come.


    It left me driven by anything pertaining to the Processes and Platforms that are made readily available for convicted felons and or juvenile programs. Anti-Recidivism enthusiast and is the main fuel to the birth for our OUTSIDEthaBOX initiative.


    I am an Artist at heart, but born Entrepreneurial Enthusiast!

    Motivation to help the "helpless" is the number one energy that protrudes through my pores on a daily basis.

    I live, breathe, eat, sleep learning the "In’s and Out’s" of what will solidify a higher chance of survival for our youth.

    If it pertains to and is within the realms of Post & Pre-Release programs, IN-HOUSE programs, Recidivism, Legal Representation for the Youth within the justice system, etc. I'm willing to network with people who are on the same path, it is not a competition, it is a "Way" for generations to come....

    OUTSIDEthaBOX will be an individually branded Non Profit Initiative . Our home base will be located in Florida, but will eventually house several headquarters around the country once our Union Initiative is activated.


    We are hear today to provide a Vision, with the extension of many other Successors before me that have battled the whole fight of being released into the cold world with no notion of anything Positive, and still overcame our odds.

    We will be seeking the help from

    • Existing Initiatives 
    • New Partnerships
    • Volunteers
    • Colleges & Professors 
    • Experts
    • Specialists 
    • Law Enforcement
    • Local Medical Examiners
    • Independently Owned Funeral Homes
    • Doctors
    • Government agencies, etc. 

    too help further our direction of Makin' Movez OUTSIDEthaBOX.

    With several endeavors already in their starting process
    (we are learning with maturity these things can take years to get off the ground)

    Nevertheless, we will not stop until our numbers start reaching the masses and areas that tend to get looked over or thrown through "loopholes."


    I will touch on a few of our Overall Goals with this Initiative


    • We will be creating a New Ride-Home and Pre-Release program.
    • A proposal for a Union based organization for ex offenders coming home from long term sentences 
    • A new proposal for our "Skared Str8" Program nationally across the country (adhering to only 13-25 year old offenders who meet strict criteria's)
    • Many more platforms are being finalized and will be released accordingly


    We're seeking potential Clients and Any Positive Network Opportunity for any Motivational speeches gigs at Prison's, Juvenile Lock Ups and or Programs, as well as Potential Partnerships with existing Youth Advocate and Re-Entry Groups to help with several upcoming National Fundraiser Campaigns in the next couple of years.


    Become Part of tha Change

    that will take the

    Academic World by storm...





    Makin' Movez LLC

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