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  • Musical


    Not your average Course in Music Production for Recording Artists.

    As a matter of fact a similar course does not exist...

    We're taking Musical Entrepreneurship

    to another Level.



    Millennial Media


    Entertainment & Media

    Pre and Post Production

    Master Pass

    (Multiple City Tour)





    1 - Master Pass

    Comedic Acka-damnits

    1st ever Comedian Alumni Tour...


    Stagez, Mazes & Placementz

    Become apart of the

    "Union" as an Elite...

    Soul' oh

    Your Show

    One-Person Show;

    Spoken Word, Dance, Monodrama, Performance Poetry, Musical, etc.

    i.e. Anything related to


    Writerz Pearl



  • We are currently in the blueprint stages of creating several different Academic courses for aspiring Artist, Entertainment, Media, and Music Business enthusiasts. It will contain a personal team of specialists and professionals from every single aspect and avenue that the Entertainment & Media Industry holds within the realms of it's Core.

    • Theater
    • Media
    • Artist
    • Management
    • Music
    • Dance
    • Production
    • Sales, etc.

    Each department will consist of its own Academic Degree appeasing to the specific course's curriculum.


    The program (Teams of individually picked groups) which will consist of an intense itinerary and will cover a new City, Team of experts and Professionals pertaining to their career path each week .


    (Length To Be Determined)

    Our goal is to provide all the necessary tools to succeed within any Media or Entertainment business with confidence.


    We'll never stop learning ourselves so we can and will stay up to date on "In’s and Out’s" of with how quick things tend to change in the world of technology. We pride ourselves in our specific "Hands On" and OUTSIDEthaBOX approach for what will solidify a higher chance of survival and success for our youth and their "Post High School" Decisions for generations to come.


    Our desire is to create multiple programs for all Entertainment Media Platforms and Positions within the Industries with a one of a kind approach in order to truly and genuinely tap into one's Artistic Desires.


    Our hands on , physical approach to the whole process of pertaining to their career path will take the dread out of "School Mentality". Whether it be Touring as an Artist, or maybe a Management team for an Artist. Not an Artist? That's ok our School will offer EVERY ASPECT AND DEPARTMENT related around the evolution of Audio, Video, and Written Format.


    • "Liberal Arts
    • "Performance"
    • "Media Productions"
    • All the way down to "Legal World of Entertainment"
    • Understanding the "Branding" of a Successful "Business"  entity


    Getting familiar with all the "In's & Out's" through our unique personable rigorous "Hand's on" experience will overall create a better platform and stepping stone for the success of their future.


    We are now accepting individual inquires for

    • Investments
    • Sponsorships
    • Partnerships
    • Consultations

    along with any and ALL support as we pave a new way for a new wave of "Post High School" Educational opportunities.


    Join the ride and help us help create a never before seen platform that is supportive of "Creative Independence" and will be respected by ALL and ANY major label, or player in the industry as this will solidify the already strengthening Independent Artist platform that exists today....As time goes by and things are officially set in stone we will release more details.... Lets Be Tha Change!


    Be apart of academic and entertainment history!!!!


    "D'ware Universe'City" will be coming to a City near you...

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